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Our team

The legal profession suits our determined and creative personalities. We like to bring a touch of daring and innovation to a profession that demands seriousness and rigour. As a result, we have earned a reputation as tenacious lawyers who get to the bottom of things while maintaining an open and constructive mind. What appeals to us about IP is the combination of the legal side on the one hand and the artistic, creative and technical side on the other.

We both hold degrees in Intellectual Property Law and have over 20 years' experience in the field, gained mainly in specialist international law firms. We have developed particular expertise in the entertainment sector and major US film companies have consistently trusted us over the years.

Okke Delfoss Visser | Head Legal Department EMEA | Motion Picture Association.

« We have worked with Stephanie and Mailys for several years now. The cooperation is great, they are knowledgeable and practical. While they are entirely capable to draft long form advise on complex legal issues they are also flexible and hands-on and can get things done in the real world. They have a good network in the sector allowing for negotiated solutions and are generally just a pleasure to work with. »
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